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  • Nittaku Factive
    • thickness : 2.0 mm
    • hardness : 35 medium


    • speed : 14.5
    • spin : 11.75
  • Nittaku Moristo DF

    Brand: Nittaku
    Rubber Type: Smooth
    Speed: 78
    Spin: 88
    Control: 77
    Hardness: Medium-Soft
    – Thin (1.2~1.4mm)
    – Medium (1.4~1.7mm)
    – Thick (1.7~1.9mm)

  • Nittaku Fastarc C1

    100% Original !! Karet universal untuk menyerang atau bertahan, Tension rubber dengan kegunaan dan performa yang dibutuhkan untuk memukul bola secara agresif, memungkinkan membuat bidikan artistik.

    Manufacturer Details
    Speed : 97 / 100
    Spin : 97 / 100
    Control : 67 / 100

  • Nittaku Rutis Revo

    The Rutis Revo is the newcomer to the Rutis series. Its central core was made thicker than the original Rutis by 0.2mm. Another difference is that type FE-Carbon was used instead of the type G-carbon in the original model. In terms of speed characteristics, it stands between the Rutis and the Rutis Power. Made in Japan

  • Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Large Handle

    The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is based on the original Acoustic blade. This blade was created by adding two layers of carbon to the original acoustic blade. This provides it with the familiar feeling of a carbon blade. This version has a larger handle which makes the blade heavier and thus slightly faster than the regular Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade. It could also be recommended for players who find the standard handle size is too thin. Made in Japan.

  • Nittaku Barwell Fleet
    • Type : OFF
    • Veneers : 7+2 glassfiber
    • Thickness : 6.0 mm
    • Weight : 88 gr


    • Speed : 93
    • Control : 61